I constantly get this error window when forwarding "phishing" or "spoofing" emails

I constantly get the attached error window when trying to forward “phishing” or “spoofing” emails to the reporting authorities… WHAT does it mean and how can I CORRECT the problem ???

Just an eM Client 6 Pro user here.

A quick Google search for 5.7.1 produced these interesting results related to your problem:


Apparently, this issue isn’t really related to eM Client, itself.

Thanks mustangace…Unfortunately none of those tell me how to get around the problem with EMClient… Art…

Art, eM Client is not the problem, which was my point.  Would not matter what email client software you where using for those emails.  

It also might be that those creating the “phishing/spoofing” emails are taking advantage of this forwarding issue so that they’re bogus emails cannot easily be sent to the appropriate companies to deal with.   You may have to copy the text of your “phishing” emails into a “new” message to send directly to the companies affected, informing them that you where not able to just forward them because of this 5.7.1 error code you would get when doing so.  

I know it’s a pain to deal with.  I’ve had my share of phishing emails, but there are always humans out there who want to try to sucker the rest of us, and they want to make themselves difficult to deal with, to report. 

Thanks again mustangace… Good explanation, and much appreciated…Wil follow your workaround… Art