i change my email and computer and have no way to get back my activación key. what do i do?

If it is a free account, simply register for a free license with your new email address.  If it is a pro account, you can get this info from the License Manager.  If you don’t have the license manager login details, just submit a support ticket.  You can include in the body of your issue your new email address so they can contact you. 

cantar genérete a support ticket to recover my pro user license . my previous mail is [email protected] with does not exist anymore. Now it is [email protected].

That’s why I said to include your new address in the body of the support ticket.  You can still use your old email address to log in.

Cannot do that. I forgot my old pssw. When i reses it. It senda a link to my old mail with i dont have acceso anymore. I am trying to continue using this SW but it seems imposible for anyone at emclient to simply check my account and help me. I think after ten years of use its enough. I will have to change to outlook.

Try send an email to [email protected] and explain the situation.  They may be able to help you.