I can't send emails with attachments

I’m giving up on EM client, as I can’t send emails with attachments and I get errors every time I try to send

Hello Roy,

I’d recommend posting here a screenshot of the error window.
This might help our users identifying the problem.


Thanks Russel, but I can’t find a way of sending the screenshot.


Hi Roy,

Try this

Click on this graphic to enlarge -if too small to read…

Peter E.

Hi Roy,

If you have Windows 7/8/10 & want to grab a screenshot, click Start / Programs and you will find part way down the program’s menu either “Snipping Tool” or “Snip & Sketch” (Win10) or if you click the Notification area (Bottom right corner) click “Screen Snip” (Win10) .

Either of these above programs will grab an area of your screen by manual selection which you can then save as a picture to your hard-disk. You can then upload that image using @DiggerP previous example post.

@ cyberzork
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@Roy Goodwin
That formatting bar appears in your post as soon as you comment- or reply-
to a post. (missed putting that in)

I finally have a sreenshot

@Roy so are you trying to send a “Calendar” attachment ?

Hi cyberzork, no I wasn’t, but after I posted it, I noticed the errors were for calendar events - not seen that before! So, I am attaching a more usual screenshot. I might add that sometimes I get the error, although some people have told me they received the message, but it still stays in the ‘outbox’, and sometime later it may disappear.

@Roy I see you are getting POP3 Expunged errors as well as those Calendar errors not found.

Googling those errors they seem to be related to eg: Emails or Events that have already been deleted / compacted. So EM Client then cannot download or sync them. I couldn’t find an answer on the internet how to fix that. I’m sure though, someone on this forum will give you some advise on those errors & what to do to resolve them.