I can't send any email !

No matter how hard I try, the sending just won’t work ! My settings can’t be wrong since I just import it from my old email client (which was working fine). It just keep staying in the Global Unread folder then when I close the app, it says one or more message not yet sent ! And I’m not dumb to NOT check my inbox. Please help me out, I can’t send to anyone and I just know that today, all my earlier works are toast !!!

Best regards…

Hi - who is your email provider?

I found when I tried to setup Gmail - I had a setting slightly wrong in emClient that prevented it sending.

When you say it stays in the Global ‘Unread’ - do you mean ‘outbox’?

What does the log say when you try to send? Look in the bottom left of emClient for the ‘i’ icon, click and it should tell you why it is failing.

Are you able to receive mail?

Have you manually tried setting up your account, rather than importing it?

I figured out that it won’t work until I force it to use SSL/TLS