I can't seem to get my eM Calendar to synch with my Google calendar. What am I doing wrong?



does eM Client shows any error messages?


No errors I’m aware of. Events just aren’t showing up

I should say some events show up, many do not show up

if you go to Calendar, do you have marked off your calendar there like this ?

Yes, all of my calendar boxes have check marks. I’m wondering if it’s a Jorte problem (Jorte is the calendar I use on my cell phone)

that might be it, please check if you have events synchronized on Gmail’s web interface.

I think so but I’m not 100% sure how to do that

Let me check with Jorte. I find it odd that some events are synch’d and other’s are not. I’ll get back with you if I need your help.

Thanks so far!

I think it’s an eM problem. I downloaded 2 other Android calendar apps and they all sychn’d with Google.

Do I need to start a new thread?


No, new thread is not necessary.

Please go to Tools - Setting - Advanced and mark of GData under your account. Then restart client and try to synchronize.

after this send me these logs to: galis@emclient.com
together with this URL:



That’s about 250 MB and your email server won’t accept that amount. I’m going to send it in sections. Hopefully the 125MB one will go through.

My mistake, the logs are 2GB+ in size. Is’nt there some other way?


then please make these logs again and don’t let them turned on after you will record your issue… 2GB is too much, logs with relevant information usually have about 2 max 10 MBs.

just turn logging on like I have described to you in previous posts, make synchronization with your calendar and then turn them off.



I unchecked the enable box for GMail. 3 boxes showed up asking for calander, tasks and something else. I then rechecked the enable box, set the smtp port to 25 and everything works! To include the calendar.

Hopefully it’ll stay that way!


I am glad to hear it that it works for you. If you will encounter any issue (this again or other) don’t hesitate to contact us.