I can't renew my license.

I can’t  renew my license. I have free emclient, but it writes that i  violated a license. And i don’t know what i can do. I don’t image how i can violate a license if i have free emclient. Please, help me! 

Usually when you get a notification that you have violated the license agreement, that is because you are using a Free License for business use. If that is not the case you can write to sales@emclient.com, as mentioned in the notification, and after confirming your non-business use the license will be unlocked.

Another option is that you have more than two accounts setup in eM Client. That would have given a notification that your data will be offline until you remove one or more accounts.

Another option is that you have eM Client installed on more than one computer using the same Free License. You will have to deactivate the license on the other computers.