I can't not delete 'Outbox' folder from my iCloud account


I am using eM client connected my iCloud account on Microsoft Windows 7.

In my first use, I noticed that ‘Outbox’ folder was created automatically and I could not delete it from my account. And I could not also delete any mails from this folder. Once a mail is moved in that folder, it is never deleted. The failure message is “permission denied”.

So I contacted the Apple Support. But, they said that they cannot address this problem.

How can I resolve this? 

I’ll be expecting a helpful solution.

Hello, Outbox is a default iCloud folder, thus you may not be able to remove it from the account.


I already know outbox is a default iCloud folder. But it was appeared when I first used eM Client and once a mail is moved in that folder, it is never deleted. Most of all, the mails in the folder are re-sended automatically and unwillingly! 

I don’t want do this. Don’t you have a solution?

The outbox folder is used for sending, items in outbox are being uploaded to the server and submitted to the recipient, you can’t remove this folder. If your items are being re-sent, enable logging in your advanced settings and submit the logging data to us for more information.

But otherwise Outbox is used for submitting items and items that are being put into the folder, should automatically be cleared once the message has been sent, you however should not use the folder for storing items. If it’s annoying you can hide the folder by right clicking the folder and selecting “hide” it will the appear below all your other folders.

Hope this helps,