I cant find my menu button?

i downloaded and i cant find where menu to continue


Menu is located in top left corner. You can open it by clicking on it.

I hope you find this helpful,

Not at all. No menu tab. “emClient, File, Edit, View, Message,Tools, Window, Help.”
No “Menu.”

That is a difference between version 6 and 7.

Version 6 looks like this:


and version 7 looks like this:


In version 7 all the items like File, Edit, View etc. are accessed from the menu button.

so how do I enter my key?

So how do I enter the activation key?

Go to Help > License in version 6, or Menu > Help > License in version 7.

The Help button has Contents, Get Support, and Invite to emClient.

So, it should look like this in version 6.

What version of eM Client are you using Joseph? 

7.2.33152.0   Only “Contents,” “Get Support,” and “Invite to emClient”

OK, so that is a beta version which should not be in use as it has so many bugs.

Uninstall it and go to http://www.emclient.com/release-history, and download the latest release.

Or is that the Mac version?


If it is the Mac version, then you need to contact the eM Client employee who gave you the link to download the beta, as beta versions do not always contain full functionality.

Downloaded it from the internet. 
Why release a product that doesn’t work?
Oh that’s right…Windows…

The current release version of eM Client is 7.1.33101. That is for Windows only.

Where did you download it from? As far as I know the Mac version has not been released except to a few users who ask to test it.


I sent them an email. Might be that they will comment here with an alternative support option for beta users.

Hi Gary and Joseph,

The Mac version (7.2.) is currently in its open Beta phase and we posted a blog post with a link to download at: https://www.emclient.com/blog/em-client-for-mac-beta-180. For any bugs other than those noted in the post, please contact us at: testing@emclient.com.


Thanks Russel. 

Joseph, I also heard from eM Client this morning that beta versions do not need to be licensed, so that is why they do not have the license or activation option.