I can't figure out how to do a group send.

Do you mean simply a message containing more than one address in the TO or CC or BCC field?


First method I know of:

  1. Open the Select Contact dialog (I prefer using Control+B because it’s faster than using the menu system). Do this before you start a new mail message or else pressing Control+B might be misinterpreted as “boldface.”

  2. Select more than one contact by holding down Control as you click the various addresses you want to send mail to.

  3. With the multiple addresses selected, hover the mouse over one of the selected messages. Right-click. A menu appears. Select Send message…  from the menu.

Note : If at that time the mouse is NOT hovering over the top of one of the selected messages, instead the program wants to send a message to whichever address it’s hovering over. (Seems like a design flaw to me.)

When you click Send message  the program adds the previously highlighted addresses to the new message’s TO field. It might not be what you want, but this approach doesn’t seem to provide the option of using the CC or BCC fields. But, to move the addresses from TO into CC or BCC, click one of them, select them all (Control+A), cut them to the clipboard (Control+X), click the CC or BCC field, then paste the addresses to the newly selected field (Control+V).

Another method:

  1. Start a new message.

  2. In the message window, hover the mouse over the TO or CC or BCC label (to the left of the address field). Turns out, the label is also a button. Notice that the TO or CC or BCC button “lights up” when you hover over it. Left-click whichever one you’ve highlighted — doesn’t matter which one because despite how it looks, you aren’t actually selecting a specific one yet.

  3. The Select Contact list opens. Select more than one address in the list, as before.

  4. Unlike the last time, this time the Select Contact dialog contains additional TO and CC and BCC buttons at the bottom of the dialog. Having already selected the multiple email addresses you want, click one of the three buttons to insert the addresses into whichever field you want. Now click the dialog’s  OK button to complete adding the addresses to the new message.

You could also create a Distribution List if you are going to be using the same addresses over and over. I’m not finding that those lists work very well for me yet — sometimes I have eM Client create them, and I can’t find them afterward. When they’ve vanished I don’t know where the program stores them…

Thank you for a clear step by step solution. (I, too, created a distribution list that disappeared.).

I could probably find the answer to this distribution-list problem if I went back through a number of messages here. The program must be storing new distribution lists in some place we don’t expect to find them.

Recently I found that when I export contacts to a .CSV file, the names of distribution lists are created in the output file — but not the addresses themselves! So I’m weary of fighting with distribution lists and will stop using eM Client for them. I use a command processor (“Take Command” by JP Software) with a potent built-in scripting system. I wrote my own “copy a list of addresses to the clipboard” script — simple to use. For now it will do the job (run it, then paste the clipboard contents into a TO or CC or BCC field. Job done).