I can't download emails to my laptop.

I can’t download emails to my laptop. I’m with BT. The error message says (unrecognised extra arguments to SELECT command). Does this mean anything to anyone please? Thanks.

Please see my comment at https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/emclient-is-not-downloading-email-from-bt.

Thanks Gary. How do I disable the anti-virus please? Just to add, this problem seems to have begun after my laptop did an update. I’m also getting a box that says “Invalid user name or password”. 

You will need to look at the website for your anti-virus application to find out how to do that.

For invalid username or password, obviously the first step is to make sure you are using the correct credentials. If you are, and still get the error message, check your account settings in Menu > Tools > Accounts.

On the SMTP tab the port should be 587, and the security policy should be Force usage of SSL/TLS

On the IMAP tab, port 993 and Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

If the security policy does not match the port, they you may get an invalid password error.