I can't delete email in my inox

Hi, I have a stuck email in my inbox. I saw a topic that explained how to run the DBRepair on Windows, but I’m runnning emCleint on Mac. Can you explain to me how to run this process on a Mac? Thank you.

Quit eM Client and open a Terminal. Paste in this command:

/Applications/eM\ Client.app/Contents/MacOS/eM\ Client /dbrepair

You can also repair the folder directly in eM Client. Right-click on the folder and choose Properties > Repair. For a Gmail or Google Workspace account, right-click on the All Mail folder instead. This will resync the message cache from the server.

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I didn’t see it in the folder properties but I did run it in the terminal window. Worked great. Thanks.

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I have a stuck email in my inbox

If its an IMAP / iCloud account on MAC you could also try deleting the stuck email “online” in webmail and then close and reopen eM Client and that email should be gone.