I CAN'T add another Email account in EM Client.

I have 2 email addresses, one is Hotmail for business, the other is gmail for family & private.

I got EM client for the purpose of managing both of them in one place… I FAILED!

I first added my Hotmail… it works fine. Then I tried to add my gmail, BUT EM ALWAYS INSISTS THAT MY PASSWORD IS WRONG AND WILL NOT ADD THE ACCOUNT.

My pass word is NOT wrong… I am entering the password I always use for my gmail… I log in to my gmail no problem on several other devices… no problem… just CAN’T add my gmail to EM… wrong password - NOT.

I’m very frustrated and disappointed and hope some guru out there can help.

Can’t say that I’m a guru, but here are a few things I would do:

  • Double-check that you’ve REALLY REALLY typed the correct password. (You’d be amazed… Just take a deep breath and type slowly, yeah?) Consider opening up Notepad or any old text editor and write your password there, see that it looks OK, then copy and paste into eMclient.
  • Check the server settings in the Account settings screen.
  • Consult Gmail for supported configuration, server settings (mind the server type!) for external e-mail clients and verify that eMclient is set accordingly.

(Also, in case it becomes an issue in the future, eMclient will apparently only let you have two e-mail addresses in the free mode. I’m not sure about the specifics of that, so I’ll say no more on that subject.)

Hi Derek, what version of eM Client are you currently using, can you make a screenshot of the error?
Please try to access this settings https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps and try to set up the less secure apps access to enable, and check if the issue persists.

Hope this helps,