I cannot send emails but can receive them!

Why has the sending of emails stopped, I have used em client for years, no changes, no problems! I can send via webmail but not directly from em client, it tells me the server IP is blacklisted or suspect whatever that means.
I can receive emails no problem via the client or webmail using the plusnet webmail. I have tried to switch virus protection off as suggested but no change. I am using pop3.

Regardless of which email client you are using, or turning on or off your anti-virus, you will get the same error. That is because this is not an issue with eM Client, or even your Operating System, but with your IP address. Is that not what the error said?

The IP address is blocked for SMTP (sending), but this does not affect POP3 (receiving). Using the web interface for your account does not use either POP3 or SMTP so the IP address is not a factor.

So this is something you need to discuss with your Internet or email provider. The Internet provider can change your IP address, or the email provider can remove the address from their blacklist.

I have called my provider first and they said it was the client software because the webmail worked!


Time to change provider, as any idiot knows web mail does not use the IP address to send. Can’t believe they are so dense.

Besides, the message you received said your IP address is blocked, not your email client.

Maybe send them a copy of that message.