I cannot see the response in my inbox from my pc but can see it on my phone. Why is this ?

Viewing differentiation between PC and phone. 

What protocol are you using on your phone and PC?  POP3 or IMAP?

I have no idea. But if you tell me where to look, I can check. - Thanks! 

Actually, let me rephrase my ask… 

I am unable to see some of the responses from a Mass Message sent and numerous people are responding from their individually sent message. One in particular does not show.  The others are coming through just fine. 

Ok, then I think it probably has nothing to do with the protocol.  Are you using conversations in eM Client?  What email provider are you using?

Yes, I am using conversations. Using Gmail as my email provider. 

A couple of things:

1.  Check in the All Mail folder.  On occasion I see gmails coming though without an inbox flag.  They will not display in the inbox, but will be in All Mail.

2.  Conversation grouping is a function of the client, not the email server.  It’s possible that for some reason, this individual’s response did not get grouped with the rest of the conversations.

  1. Was the first thing I checked as well as doing a “search” and still could not see it. 
  2. Quite possibly - nevertheless I communicated with my recipient. 

Who knows could have been a glitch as there were 300 people in this message I sent out.