I cannot 'RUN' rules

I have set up rules as i have done many times in Outlook express in the past, yet when i try to ‘Run’ the rule i fet a pop-up saying it cannot run the rule because no folder has been selected,

i have mtried setting up a new folder outside the primary Folder i normally use (ie not using a subfolder) but it still does not work. i have tried nominating the folder I want it to take search from 9InBox) but it will not runm. i am using version 4.0.14479.0

I am sorry for the delayed reply - is it still actual?

Yes. It is causing me grief, and I will shortly be looking for an alternative program. You are luck I dislike Outlook so much!

You help in fixi9ng this would be greatl;y appreciated.

Could you please try to apply a rule on a folder? Right click on a folder, select a rule and click run. Then please let me know if it works.

Define a folder. I have created a folder called ‘Forex-Unread’ in Local Folders and Created a Rule called ‘General FOREX mail’ which is directed to move all mail received from a variety senders to that folder and mark as read. It is ticked as enabled and 'Apply Rule ’ clicked. The Applied Rules selection is chosen as ‘General FOREX mail’ and the Folder 'Forex-Unread is chosen. The Pop-Up Box comes up saying 'Applying Rule to folder(s) and the Green Line says ‘Preparing’. When it is fully green I click OK and nothing has happened (I have in the past left this for an age to see if it stops showing ‘Preparing’ but it stays saying that, which is pathetic.) Unlike Outlook Express it has not tekan any already-received mail and posted it to the Folder, and next time I down load emails the Folder remains completely empty.

Right click on one of your Inbox folders and select Apply rule. Choose the ‘General FOREX mail’ rule and click OK.

I just did that. It said it had done 1405 of 1405, but nothing has gone into the folder and nothing has gone out of Inbox

In that case please turn on “Rules” logging and send us the logs. Go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and check “Rules”. Then restart eM Client,
try to simulate the issue and send us (with reference to this topic) the logs using the same logging settings window.

Will do. But not tonight!