I cannot figure out this email client

I am a new user & I am lost. The online tutorial topics for eM client seem geared toward very specific minutia… things most users likely don’t use. I’m trying to learn the simple basics… e.g., how to set up an eM inbox. Aren’t there any BASIC tutorials?

You can also start by reading relevant topics in the online manual:

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The FAQ is a good place to start: Frequently Asked Questions

The Tutorials also give some basics: Tutorials and How-To Videos

Otherwise there is this forum. Just ask, and someone will answer.

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TY so much for the info. I will check that out now.

Thx much for the info. I will check that out.


My follow-up to your response yesterday… YES! There’s the user guide! I couldn’t locate it. Thx again for the referral… now, I can learn eMclient!

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