I cannot access my emails because you and gmail say I've changed my password. I HAVE NOT1

 I cannot access my Gmail or eMclient emails. I get a message to say my password has been changed. I have NEVER CHANGED my passord. I casnnot find a way to put the right on any websaite.

What was the error in eM Client?

If you have setup a recovery address in your Google account, you will get an email saying that your password has changed. If you did not change the password yourself, just follow the instructions in the email to reset your password. Beware of scam emails. Any web address in the reset password link should have a www.google.com or similar address. If it does not, it is probably a scam.

If you did not receive such an email, log into your Google account at https://accounts.google.com. If your password does not work, click on More options which will help you to reset your password.