I can see only the email of the last 30 days.. how can I solve this problem?

I can see only the email of the last 30 days… how can I solve this problem? 
I need to keep all the email recevived. Thank you

Hi Claudia,
what email account does this happen on? Which email service does it use? (IMAP/POP/Exchange?)
Does hitting Send and receive not help?

Best regards,

imap, smtp
hitting doesn’t help

Is it possible that I can see only 200 email …?

Hi Claudia,
imap should fully synchronize with the emails you have on the server, there is no limit to how many emails eM Client can see or download (only limit would be your space on the disc where the database is located).
Can I ask who is your email provider? Is this a gmail/outlook/icloud/yahoo or something else?