I can not delete certain folders

I can not delete certain folders. and they are in the trash, but when they synchronize they reappear
I already used repair.exe and I still have the same problem. Please help

Hello Matias,

It seems that your mail server forces the change so these folders are kept. Were these folders created by you or are these the “system” folders?


I have the same problem, and it is driving me crazy!  When I set up my account, they just appeared.  They must have come from my RoadRunner server because I definitely did NOT create them.  They are variations of eM Clients system folders, for example, FileSent for SENT.  Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to get rid of them.  I hate to just try to hide them (don’t know if I can) because I am afraid they will cause a mess/confusion later with my system files, plus it really crowds my view of my accounts with all those extra, not used folders.  HELP, please?