I can nolonger *send* email (gmail) with eM Client!

It seems that I can nolonger send emails from eM Client. I *can* receive mail though. Just not send any. I have not touched the settings, I checked them and they are fine.

Is this a Google issue or an eM client one?

I can not recieve any emails on google or hotmail help

assure your setting look something like this:
pop.gmail.com 995 “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)”
smtp.gmail.com 587 “Force usage of SSL/TLS”

hope that helps!

It is an eM Client issue with not being able to send e-mails only able to recieve them.

I converted back to Thunderbird2

I have the same problem. IMAP is activated and my eM Client settings are:
Force usage of SSL/TLS


Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

When I send an email it appears to have sent but it doesn’t actually send. I haven’t changed any of my settings. I am using Time Warner Cable Eastern NC

Log-on to your Gmail and see if it under the Sent folder. If it is, nothing wrong on your side.

I had that problem with some wifi spots. My solution was to go to Tools>Accounts. Select the account that is having problems (mine was gmail), and go to the Diagnostics tab. From there, select the diagnose button on the right. It fixed the problem for me.

I have faced with the same problem and I must say Aaron Johnson’s solution helped me!
It is now fixed and I’m able to send emails from my Google account!