I am switching computers and want to migrate all of my local mail to the new computer.

What is the name of the file where the local mail is stored?

Hello Amelie,

We would recommend creating a backup through Menu -> File -> Backup…, transferring this file to the new computer and restoring it through Menu -> FIle -> Restore…

Please let us know how it went.

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Will this maintain all the folders I created in local mail?

Hello Amelie,
the Backup will make a perfect copy of your full database.
So all data, including the folder structure of your Local folders, will be copied.


Hi! Did the backup today to an external drive. Loaded eM on new computer, attached external drive to new computer. Backup/restore does not ask where you want to send the data to/get the data from. I have moved the backup file into the eM directory on the new computer but I keep getting an error: could not find part of path…

I ended up having to create a new folder in the directory where eM was looking for the backup file rather than in the directory where eM installed itself. So the above directions are WAY too simplified for what actually happens in the wild.

It REALLY would be helpful if the backup/restore asked where the file should go instead of 10 steps to find the file, move the file and then have the file not found.

In the end, after 2 hours, all of the local folders seem to be present, with emails in them. So, it worked, but it was way too kludgy.

On another note, the new version does not seem to have the feature of being able to view the header of an email. I like to use this so I don’t have to open emails to find out they’re spam. Am I missing something in the new version (7.0) that was available in version 6.0?

The conversation mode makes it a bit different to get to the header. just right-click in the message body and click on “View mail header” near the bottom of the pop-up menu.

Hello Amelie,

We’re sorry if the instructions weren’t detailed enough. The Restore tool looks in the place that is set as a location for backup in Menu ->Tools -> Settings -> General - backup. If it doesn’t find it in this location, it will display the path to the location it looks at. We’re glad to hear that you were successful in the end.

As for displaying the message header, it is as Jay has described: if the Conversation view isn’t turned on (Menu -> View ->Conversations -> option ‘Show Conversations in All Views’ can’t be selected), it is possible to right-click the e-mail and see the header without opening it.


Thank you for the extra tips!

One more setup question - I have eM Client running on the new computer but it does not sync with the host now, it syncs only with the old computer. So, if I don’t turn the old computer on, I don’t receive new emails. I set up the account with the same settings the old computer has for IMAP. (POP3 is not an option.) Any ideas? I tried letting the setup run itself but kept getting errors that the server could not be found.

I tried doing a new account setup. I can see email pop into the inbox and then immediately disappear. I get certificate errors (I added the certificate.) And, I get errors stating the mail server may be pretending to be a real mail server. The setup is not what the old computer’s setup looks like. If I change the new version to look like the old then the mail only syncs when the old computer is on.

More trial and error - all of my new mail is going to the junk folder. I’ve sent mail from 2 different accounts not associated with eM Client and all mail received from anyone is in the junk folder.

Looks like everything is ok now - for whatever reason my domain name got added to the blacklist during the migration. Removed it from the blacklist and all is good again.

Thank you for all the help, Amelie

View mail header no longer appears in the pop up list. This is version 7.0.

If you are in the conversation mode, you can’t click on the message in the message list as it combines all messages on one line.  Instead, right-click on the message body itself and the option will appear near the bottom of the pop-up menu.  If you disable conversations (menu/tolls/settings/mail/read- check disable conversations), then you can right-click on the mail list item.

OK, I see what you mean now. I disabled conversations and I can see the headers again. Thanks.

Hello Amelie,

Thank you for the detailed description. Do I understand correctly that everything is solved now?