I am not able to rename any local file. Unbelievable!! Any help?

I am a new em user.  All my data were recovered from Outlook.  However, I would like to rename most of those files.   No luck on that.  I can not understand how this may occur…

Which files are you trying to rename?

Hi Gary, thanks for your help.   I have many files containing emails.  For instance, all emails coming from my children are filtered to a file named …well… “children”.  Since my outlook days, files like that were renamed (after a crash) as “children (this computer only)” .  I would like to drop the “(this computer only)” part.   I am able to rewrite it but the system does not save the new name.   After the “enter”, the old name appears.  Is that clear?

You are trying to rename the folders in which your emails are kept?

yes.   Exactly… 

And you right-clicked on the folder and chose Rename?

Yes…  I am able to rename it but after the “enter”, the old name reappears… 

You could try to create a new folder with the name you want, move the emails to that folder, then delete the old folder.

Yup…  I was doing that.  However, this is not clean…   I was hoping for something simpler.  But that ́s ok.   Thank you so much for your time.