I am evaluating eM Client, "The Best Email Client for Window," for use by my non-profit.

 I like the mail interface and it seems to work well.  While looking at the Contacts part, I noticed that the preexisting folders could not be deleted or renamed- got an error message stating “Folder with this name already exists”.  NOT!  This is not a good sign, to run into a problem so quickly.  Then I began looking at the data fields and trying to figure out how to customize or add to them.  Not available!  An “exhaustive number of data fields”?  I don’t think so.  How can you think that the narrowly defined choice of fields is going to suit all applications?  You really need to offer custom fields in this program if it is going to be of any use.  I’m going to look at EPIM, I understand that program does offer custom fields.

Hi James. Sorry you had a negative experience with eM Client.

The only pre-existing contacts folder is one called Contacts, and you are correct, it cannot be deleted. That is by design. It is very rare, but sometimes after you have added your own sub-folder, it cannot be deleted. A restart of eM Client will solve that. What folder were you trying to delete or rename? Maybe a screenshot would help.

Unfortunately eM Client does not allow custom fields in Contacts. What field did you want to add?

You can, however, customize which of the 80+ existing fields are displayed. I was exhausted trying to count them all. This does not apply to Business Card view, but does with the other views. There are other email clients that offer custom contact fields, but in my experience the custom fields do not sync with online contacts, nor are you able to export those fields if using vcf format. But if it works for you, then I hope you eventually find what you are looking for.

Thank you for your reply Gary.  After installing the program it had these folders under Contacts: My Contacts, Coworkers, Family, Friends, and Starred in Android, none of which can be deleted or changed, so they are useless to me and just clutter up that area.

Regarding Contact fields, its true that there are over 80 fields available but I’m thinking you could add another 50 and still not satisfy many users who, like me, have specific requirements for the application.  It would be much better to just provide the 20 or so commonly-used fields (name, address, phone, email, etc.) and then have another 20 custom fields for the user to define.  I need fields such as Current Member, Membership Type, Year Joined, Year Renewed, Training, and Board Member.  Also, I have no use for online contacts, they are even less flexible with fields.

Ah yes, those are contact groups from your Google Contacts. These are not pre-existing folders, but were added to your account’s contacts folders when you installed a GMail account. I believe you can delete those groups in your GMail web interface. Thereafter, they will not appear in eM Client.

If you do not want to use your online contacts in eM Client, you can disable that part of your GMail account. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and on the General tab for your account, scroll down to the bottom and untick Google Contacts. Then you will only have the default Local Folders Contacts.

Personally, I am inclined to agree with you about the contacts fields. You are never going to satisfy everyone, but for whatever reason, eM Client decided not to have customizable fields. Instead they tried to offer as many fixed fields as they thought would be needed. I think for most it is sufficient.

You might find that Categories are a better solution for you, rather than custom fields. This works really well for things like Current Member and Membership Type, and will be easier when you want to do mail-outs to certain groups or categories.