i am changing computers and have deleted emclient on the old computer. How can I transfer this licence to my new computer


Simply activate eM Client using the same activation key - it should automatically de-activate the old license.

And how can I translate all data from old computer to new ??

Hello Backup your database and restore from the backup on your new computer, use the built-in backup feature in File > Backup.

Don’t forget to setup your backup folder in the application settings and navigate there to copy the backup file and move to another computer, also note that eM Client always tries to restore from the backup folders setup in the application settings.


I bought a single PC licence 5 weeks ago but my computer has just blown it’s motherboard so I have lost all data including Emclient activation key. Can I transfer the licence to my new PC if so, how please?

Hello Richard,
I cleared your current activations and sent you a reset email with your license key.


i am changing computers and have deleted emclient on the old computer. How can I transfer this licence to my new computer?

If you are using a Free License, you will need to deactivate it on the old computer first. Reinstall eM Client on that computer and deactivate it. If that is not possible for some reason, register a new Free License under another email address and use that to activate the new computer.

If you are using a Pro License, you can deactivate your license online at https://licensemanager.emclient.com

Hope that helps.

This is crazy. As much as I like eM Client, not having a way to recover from a PC that has died is a terrible implementation. There should be another way to deactivate a license without having to use another email address. Furthermore, there NO WAY, that I have found, to contact a person to fix this. The person above must have had a Pro license to get his license reactivated. This is a major shortcoming in the strategy in place. I’m very disappointed as I have a client who I recommended this solution to.

When you registered for your Free License, the terms of use which you consented to explained that as a Free License user you do not have access to eM Client Support.

"6.3 Users of eM Client for Free/Non-Commercial Use are entitled to use only community based support available at https://discourse.emclient.com.
6.4 Users of eM Client for Free/Non-Commercial Use are not entitled to Support as described in Section 5"

So why are you now complaining that you don’t have access to eM Client Support? If you did not like that condition, why did you activate the license instead of uninstalling the application?

But it is a very simple solution Don. Just register a second Free License.  For personal use you get a fantastic email client. Even this one inconvenience will take you less than a minute to register another Free License. 

If you are using this application for business, or even for personal use on a business computer, you need to purchase a Pro License which will give you access to the License Manager I mentioned above.

I’m not complaining about the lack of direct support. I understand that from terms of service. What I am complaining about is a design that ties a license to an email address, and apparently to a specific computer. My 80 year old client has one email address and does not want to obtain another - just to get another license. From what I can ascertain, there does not seem to be a way, without a support person intervening, to deactivate a license on a now defunct computer. This should be achievable from a web based solution just like you have provided a way to retrieve ones license if forgotten. BTW, she has attempted to get the license 3 times via this route and it always says “invalid” when trying to use it. Maybe she is doing something wrong? I can’t go an observe her actions today as she is ill but I will try as soon as she is feeling better.

BTW, thanks for the quick reply. I do appreciate that.

One thing you should know is that the email address you use to register the Free License does not have to be the same one that the email account setup in eM Client uses. There is no connection. You can register one online using a fictitious email address because the activation key will be immediately displayed on the screen. 

You could register one for her like this and send her the activation key. 

It is also possible to get more than one Free License with some email addresses. Take Gmail for example. As far as the Google server is concerned, the address [email protected] is the same as [email protected], or [email protected]. They are all the same mailbox because it ignores certain characters. Now a license server, or any other login type situation, will see them as three different addresses, or three separate identities. 

You can also write to eM Client Inc. and they will deactivate the license. It may take a week, or be the same day. Contact details are on the website.

Hope I don’t get banned from this forum for my advice in this post. :wink: