I am able to receive e-mails but unable to reply or send out any e-mails. The message comes up "SMTP server doesn't support STARTTLS"

per the title

 Hello David,

Go to Menu/Tools/Accounts, select your account, go to SMTP and set up port 587, then set up Security policy as Force usage of SSL/TLS.


Thanks, Russel.
I tried your suggestion but it didn’t work and I ended up not being able to either receive or send out e-mails . However, I clicked on various buttons in POP3 and SMTP and I can now both receive and send out e-mails. I have no idea what I did but e-mails are now working.
Thanks for your help, David
ps the name Martin also popped up among the response I received so thanks also!

Hi David,

Not knowing what you did can be problematic for future use.
I suggest to revisit the settings and record - write down -
the various settings to refer to them later.
Take screenshots or whatever makes sense to you.

Thanks, Russel, that makes sense - I’ll do that. Again my thanks, David