Hyperlink being removed on sent emails

This is my first time here.

I have just upgraded my business to EMClient version 8.2.1659
And have now found that any email that is sent with a link to a network shared folder or website the person receiving it has had the link removed and it is just a text line.

Any thoughts or help would be great

That could mean that the recipient is viewing the message as plain text and not HTML.

Could you ask them to check if their application supports changing the way they view the message and see if that helps?

How does the message appear in your Sent folder?

Hello Gary

Thank you for your reply.
I think i have found the problem. When we insert a link and browse to the file location it adds file:// at the beginning of the link. If i remove the file:// from the link it all works perfectly fine. We did not have to do this in the EMclient version 7…



If you have Windows, try just emailing the local lan file to another local lan user starting with
\\Computer name (instead of file://) as in the first example below.

(Local lan network to lan network email file example).

\\JohnSmith\Games\Pcgames\Dig\README_AVISO.txt , which actually (hover links) anyway to file://\\JohnSmith\Games\Pcgames\Dig\README_AVISO.txt