Huge Problem with Tabulation

When I want to write an e-mail with tabulators needed like:
Distance + Km:       1 hour + 66 km    = € 251,00
Time:                       12 hours              = € 581,00

There are many tabulators needed so the “=” sign aligns vertical perfectly. 
But this is impossible. You never get a clear line.
Please tell me how to activate this feature (if it is implemented) or implement this feature. It is very necessary.


This is HTML, so how about using a table?

Or you could use a fixed width font, or plain text, but that does not really control how the receiver will see it.

A Table is useless in my case. I need this feature because on Outlook this thing exist without problem.
Please, explain me the “width font” or “plain Text” System. Thanks

No, if the message is composed in HTML (eM Client default) then a table is exactly what you need to have columns properly aligned.

Here is an example showing the message being composed using a table, and what it looks like after being sent.

If you want to use a fixed width font, then choose one from your fonts, but if the receiver is like me, I view plain text / fixed width in variable width fonts, so it will be all over the place again.

Here is an example of a message being composed using a fixed width font, and the inset is when it is received by me with the font forced to variable width.

So I guess it is up to you. Do you just want it to look aligned while composing, or do you also want it to be aligned when the receiver sees it?

Your choice.