Huge memory leak in emclient

Memory lead in emclient:

I’m using a free license. I like emclient as it is very fast. But it seems to have a huge memory leak. It is very often that the memory usage reaches in GBs before I have to kill MailClient.exe process.

I want to help make this product better. In case you like to look into the problem, I’ll be willing to provide more information if I can.



Hello Mayank,
we would like to cooperate with you on resolving this issue. Please send an email to with reference to this topic and we’ll take it from there.


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THIS STILL EXISTS IN THE CURRENT VERSION TODAY. HAVE TWO EXCHANGE ACCOUNTS SETUP AND PROGRAM GROWS TO almost a GIG in size in memory, and crashes/faults repeatedly over and over throughout the day, hours are spent waiting for the program to finish its database checks when each crash occurs. 

WHY CANT they fix this!

If it’s any consolation, it exists even today. Can’t seem to pin it down.

Hello Terry,
do you perhaps have mail accounts with large amount of messages? How large is your database folder?
Are there any error messages?
What exact version are you currently running? Please check the full number in Help>About.


I have three email accounts, though I see nowhere in emclient to get a message count. (Perhaps add this and other stats to the About screen…version number, db size, message count, contact count, etc.); db file is just short of 250MB; error message (when opening an email link) says “There is not enough free memory to run this program. Exit one or more programs, and then try again.” The link is shown at the top of the error dialog box.

This error occurs when trying to open a link in an email. But the problem itself is broader than this and it’s progressive. I’ve seen just SOME links start to fail with this message and others still work…until they all fail. Other early symptoms include: 1) creating a new message, the compose window opens with no signature displayed; 2) replying to a message, the message window shows only the Subject…no body.

This all starts after using emclient over a couple of days. Once the symptoms start it continues to degrade to where emclient stops responding. A restart is a workaround and brings everything back to life. If I react to the early symptoms I can still restart, but if it hangs entirely I have to have Windows kill it and it’s an additional wait for the DB Integrity check when it restarts. But again it works perfectly…until it fails agai in a couple days.