HTTP status 407: Proxy Authentication Required (Access Denied)


I use eM Client at work as I love it.  However our network is strict and it can’t get past our firewall/proxy.  I asked if we could create a rule but due to rules and regulations this would be complicated as we would have to create rules, documentation etc.  Is there a way around this as I would prefer to continue using this client than other alternatives.

Any staff able to help on this?

I think this can only be solved by your network administrator.

Hmm okay, I will have to swap client then as they don’t seem like they will budge on opening the ports.

Aren’t you going to run into the same problem with any client they don’t already allow?  Ports aren’t specific to the client, but the server.

I get email fine, It’s the software wanting to authorise the license with their authorisation server. It won’t make a rule for just one person using this software.

Hi Lee,

I understand your problem but unfortunately there is no workaround for the licence activation. Nevertheless, eM Client FREE version can be used only for non-business purpose.

You may offer our product to your administrator and if they are interested in purchasing eM Client PRO licences for employees, please contact us at Special offers and discounts can be applicable to larger volume sales.

With best regards,
Russel Markosky
eM Client