Html Not Working in Some Replies

Most of the time when I reply to an email, my html signature works fine. It shows my name, my company’s logo, phone link using the tel: tag, website link, and vCard link with an image, like this:

First Name Last Name
Company Logo
vCard: vCard image

But when I reply to some emails I get something like this:

First Name Last Name
555.555.5555 <5555555555>
vCard: <;

The logo and vCard images are missing and it shows some of the html code. There’s not really any rhyme or reason to it. One of the emails that did this was a email address, but other email addresses from display the signature correctly when replying. Anyone know what I could do to fix this?


Okay, I figured out the answer. I went into the settings: Menu>Tools>Settings and then went to: Mail>Compose and under the Mail Format section was _New mail formats as: HTML _and Mail format for reply: which was set to Autodetect from original message. When I changed that to HMTL, it seems to have fixed the problem.