HTML code in emails I am being sent aren’t being displayed correctly. 

Hello Seth, are these messages you’d receive from someone using eM Client? Unfortunately it seems like this message has not been submitted correctly and the HTML code wasn’t inserted as HTML for the message but rather as a plain/regular formatted text.

If you’ve received this letter from a known sender, please make sure to report this to the sender.


Hello Paul, 

The issue is that the sender of this email is Delta Airlines so I doubt they made a mistake like that.  As well as being able to read the message in other apps.  This message was forwarded to me by my boss so that may be causing some confusion.


Well the forwarding maybe the missing piece of the puzzle, can you please send me the exported message as an attachment to my email, and include a reference link to this forum topic for more information about this issue?

You can use the “forward as attachment” feature or export the message by drag and dropping the message onto your desktop or new message.

Corrupt emails can also be sent by any company including Delta Airlines, so I wouldn’t be so quick with making such assumptions.


Well the email itself on my bosses em client looks the exact same so I don’t think that’s the issue

The message was forwarded as content: text/plain, this is unfortunately not correct and the message can’t be formatted as an HTML message if the message includes this information in the header.

If the message should be displayed the source code of the message should contain, content: text/html.