HTML mail doesn't display full size

This appears to be a bug, but perhaps it’s a setting I can modify. HTML mail appears in my display window at diminished size, seemingly by default (I’m forwarding two screen shots to illustrate). This is a frustrating problem because (HTML) text mail is so condensed as to be difficult to read, unless I hit cntrl + 0, which expands the window to full size. In the example it doesn’t seem so severe, but believe me, it’s a PAIN. Thanks.

Just to follow up briefly, this doesn’t seem to happen all the time, as I had thought. I’m not sure what was causing it, but it is not happening now. It might have had something to do with a browser setting. Not sure. Thanks anyway.


if it does not happen to you all the time it could be problem in those emails from sender’s side.

can you export me one or two of those emails (right click - save as… - .eml) and add it as attachment to with this topic’s url?