HTML emails not being composed correctly eM Client 6.0


I use eMClient for composing HTML emails and sending with the mass mail option via Amazon SES.

I have noticed since the last update that while HTML is displaying correctly in my editor and email on acid (which tests multiple email clients) it is not rendered correctly when pasted into the HTML option of eMClient.

Errors consist of incorrectly displayed tables and duplicate characters in the html, for instances extra full stops (.) appearing in the URL code.

Has anyone else noticed this error and is it related to a recent update?

I am forced to look for an alternative client to send mass mails as I cant risk corrupted HTML being sent to my list.



Hi, could you send me to my email [email protected] one of those not correctly displayed emails and code you are trying to use in copy/paste form?

Please join url to this topic for easy identification.