HTML emails do not open completely

When I open emails that are in html, instead of opening completely, they leave the content as a file attachment.htm in a button. I have to open that file in my browser to see the content. This is not a consistent thing. Some emails from news sources open one day and revert the next day to this attachment.htm format. Is there a way to consistently get them to open in eMClient? Here is what I receive (a screenshot).


Might it have something to do with BOXBE?
Try turning off BOXBE.

That seems to have been the problem. EmClient users should beware of Boxbe. A useful site and filter, but incompatible with EmClient in the sense that it forces you to open html content in a browser.

lunes 01 agosto 2022 :: 1742hrs (UTC +01:00)

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Nothing to do with the subject of your post
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