Anyone who knows as to how to change password for eMClient? When looking for this on Google or YouTube, theres only on how to recover lost or forgotten password…

There is a “Password Protected Startup” under Tools->Settings->General->Password protection . This means that you will be required to enter a password when emclient starts.

Is this what you are after?
Or are you wanting to change the password for email hosts? 
If for an email host then you need to change it at the host end then change the password in the emclient. under "Tools->Accounts

Hi Yasemin,
do you mean password for your license or your accounts? Unless you set up Password protected startup inside eM Client’s settings then there is no password needed for the application itself.

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eee… Malcolm: Well in order to in the first place to make the password I made, which I now wish to change, I went to tools-general-password protection. If not it would not have been possible to make a password in the first place. This is the password I use after clicking on email, then I give the code and the email opens. I now want to change that code and couldn’t find anywhare on the net as to how I do this. I could only find as to how to RETRIEVE a lost password. SO Malcolm, you’re making it complicated by your questions. I have no idea  what “for an email host” means. Olivia, I set op a password for my email, because others have access to my PC.

Hello Yasemin,
I’m sorry, but it’s still hard to understand what your problem is, so I’ll try to answer as close to the possible issue as I can.

The eM Client startup password can be changed in the same Tools->Settings->General->Password protection section as where it was set up, you just replace it.
To change passwords to your actual email accounts that can’t be done through eM Client, you need to change those on your email webmail/server/your email address provider.

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