howto share a website in edge with em client


when I use Microsoft edge and I would like to share a Webpage, I click in the upper right section the share Symbol, right after I clicked the Symbol, Edge shows me all the possibilities, how I could share the Webpage with.

right at the top there I read mail, but when I click there, edge (or Windows, I can’t tell) asks me about some account Information, I guess to add a new MAilaccount to a different mailprogram …

How can I get edge to work with emclient ???

the Changes for the Default Mailprogramm and the MAILTO-Protokoll are already done  …
But Edge would like have some more Changes … ???

any idea ??


Hi Andy

The Share feature in Edge only operates with the built-in Microsoft Mail app, regardless of what the default email application is.

To do what you want would require someone developing an Edge Extension that allows sharing to eM Client or other email applications.

Thanks a lot for this Information.

So I have only 2 Options here:

  1. using IE11

  2. copy and paste the addressline …

let’s hope it’ll Change some time :wink:

sincerly andy