how to view each e-mail displayed & not stacked as 4 older? Also how to remove yellow dots on messages?

how to get my E-mails not to be stacked? 1 E-mail address with a heading above that E-mail (4) older? Like to have each e-mail displayed on the date received; not hid behind the newest e-mail? Also how to get the yellow dots along side the E-mails to disappear. Opening a message does not accomplish this?

For your first issue, go to menu/tools/settings/mail/read and in the “Conversations” section check “Disable conversations”.

Secondly, the yellow dot is the new mail indicator.  Opening the mail (not just viewing it in the reading pane) should clear this, although it will not clear until the message has been completely downloaded.  I have noticed that emails from some do not download quickly, particularly if they contain lots of graphics (I have noticed this on emails from Microsoft and the Wall Street Journal).  Also, go to menu/tools/settings/read and in the read section you can change the time it takes to mark a message as read while it is being viewed in the reading pane.