How to use Local folders only

I just install last version of eMClient and I would like to use local folders only as i did with a previous version . So I dont find the correct configuration for this.
Thanks to help me.

Did you set up your account with IMAP or POP3?

Oui , J’ai configuré avec IMAP et POP3.
A la reflexion, ma demande n’est pas claire du tout.
Ce que je cherche, c’està synchroniser les mails entrants et sortants manuellement et non automatiquement.
Est ce possible et si oui quel(s) réglage(s) dois je effectuer ?
Si non est il possible de recuperer une ancienne version et laquelle?
Merci d’avance

Yes I set up with IMAP and POP3
I think that my ask was not clear.
What I hope is to manually synchronize n and out mails instead of automatically.
Is this possible and if yes, How must i set up eMClient
If not, is it possible to download an old version and which one
Thanks for help me