How to upload a personal picture in the community

I’ve tried to upload a personal picture to be included next to my questions in the community as I have noticed other members have done, but it doesn’t work. How can I do this?

Simply open the Profile information and upload an Avatar.

Hi, George
Well, I go to my profile information and at the bottom, it says “your icon”, but when I click “browse” and try to upload a pic that is saved on my pc,nothing happens.

What is the size of the image you are trying upload? Maybe it is too big?

Thanks, George
You could be right. I went to a website that creates an avatar by shrinking a photo and cropping to a square. It was done at 200 pixels. It didn’t work, either. How many pixels would it have to be to work?

It is limited to 1MB.

Thanks, George

I think I got it working. At least a picture shows up in the icon space in my profile.