How to turn off default block for web content in email

Is there a way to make it stop automatically blocking web content on my email?

The closest option you can get is to go to Tools -> Settings -> Read -> “Display unsafe content in messages from people in contact list”. Turning it off completely would be a security risk.

thanks - I was wondering about that!

Not to be too snotty, but who elected the developers to the priesthood who decide for me what I want to see and what I don’t want to see?

One of my “hats” is as a journalist for the professional and broadcast video industry. I get LOADS of communications with images (press releases, product review offers, event notifications etc.) from not only PR and product managers within these companies, but also PR firms they may have hired even temporarily to set up one press event. There is no way in hell I could get all those people into an address book especially since I won’t know ahead of time who a great percentage of them are. And it is too much of a PITA to have to “allow images” message by message when I get them 30 or 40 at a whack.

Also, after years of operating Outlook / Outlook Express in this way, I have yet to get a virus or malware infection. Why? Because my virus checking software and a firewall at my ISP sit between my mail server and client.

So, respectfully, it is not the email client’s job to disallow me from doing what I have always done (and need to be able to do) “for my own good”. If y’all want to make it an option defaulted to no display guarded by an “are-you-sure” and an “are-you-really-sure-because” dialogs, that is one thing. But to flat out forbid it is overstepping a developer’s prerogative, especially for and email client that is supposed to be easy, efficient and productive to use in a professional environment.

I find it to be very simple, so far anyway. When I received any e-mail with html and ads there is a little selectable box pops up above the message body and the Header box with a YELLOW line across the window to allow. That will not take any time to select it while reading other parts of the message.


That “simple action” is a PITA at the volume I get, AND adding all those locations to an address book so they are “automatically” allowed is not a convenient option. Like I said, as it it sits, this makes the program an unacceptable replacement.

Seems some just do not want it to work well or give some time to the creators of this program to make any changes. I live with what I have and rather not just find fault and complain. The end of this discussion for me. I do not follow rants.

Not a rant, just an observation. I look for applications that meet my need instead of creating extra needs to meet an application’s expectations. And if we don’t offer up such observations, the developers have no way of making apps that meet our needs instead of apps to which we have to adapt our needs.


No, you look for applications that don’t meet your need so you can continue to rant about them . Done.

Very unproductive, totally speculative (and incorrect) comment. You need to go back to school and retake that basic logic class instead of flaunting your irrationality.

I look for applications that meet my needs. If this application meets your personal use, more power to you. But since it cannot meet my needs in the professional sphere in which I would need it to function, I have moved on, investigated and settled on another email client that does not suffer from this one “show stopper” flaw for my purpose and use cases. All other features taken into account, had this one inflexibility not been deliberately programmed into the software, it likely would have been the winning choice.

And since this has degenerated into grade-school na-na-na-na talk by y’all, I can see that it is “supported” by a user community that will not afford the developers the best chance of long term improvement and betterment by constructive (i.e. fact-based) criticism with use case illustration, there is no point in me watching it for potential resolution of this issue. I’m outta here - enjoy your after-lunch recess young-uns…


Thank you, now maybe there can be some constructive reports instead.

Couldn’t this be implemented in the same way as Junk Mail? Meaning you’d have the option to “whitelist” a specific e-mail or (probably more helpful) domain. That way for image-intensive e-mail that you receive on a regular basis, you could whitelist it and the program would eventually learn.

While clicking the display picture button every time is not that hard, it’s still a PITA and it does take away from the user experience and detracts from an otherwise excellent program.

I absolutely concurr, trying to find a replacement for Outlook and this 1 elelent is pissing me off if there is no quick workaround I will have to look at yet another package.