How to turn off automatic update check?

There is no option like that for Free license users. Sorry.

That’s the point. It would be a 5 minute code change to allow any Users, free or otherwise, to disable updates.

I suffer from a visual disability and the changes in the themes in the new version makes them unusable for me. Before I found that firewall hack I had to stare at a nag screen every time I opened my email.

Let users have control over the software we download.

This is a Pro License feature.

If you want that option, please purchase a Pro License.

Hey man can you tell me about the firewall hack you use? I tried scanning and blocking emclient servers with hosts file, but it didn’t work. I am tired of this nag screen upon every boot up, especially since now it doesn’t matter if I click remind me in 1 month, it doesn’t work anymore. It’s even worse now because I have to click twice to get rid of this annoying dialog. Obviously emclient devs don’t respect users saying NO to their updates, unless you pay(It’s like that creepy guy who asks you out on Grindr, you tell him NO over and over, but he doesn’t take that for an answer and he just keeps nagging you, so you block him. He then makes another account and continues to pester you, so you block him again, rinse and repeat), so we have to workaround to not get nag screens.

Edit: I figured it out. Now I do not have Winodws firewall because I use a debloated windows 10(no win defender, metro, wmp, ie,…) but it seems to be working.

For everyone looking for solution (which should be a toggle in settings, not this website, that even paying users have to use, which is hands down the worst ever solution I have seen) go to C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc now open file called “hosts” with notepad
at the very end of that file type following: (press tab to seperate)

then save and thats it