How to transfer WLM files from old Win7 computer to new emclient Win 10 computer?

I’ve searched everywhere and have yet to get an answer. I have an old computer with Win7 and Windows Live Mail on it. I have a new computer with Win10 on it. Most of what I’ve read says that the built in Win10 mail app is worthless. One source recommended using a program called emclient. I copied my WLM folder into an external drive, then onto the desktop of the win10 computer. When I tried to import the files into emclient, it wouldn’t work because it said WLM (program) wasn’t installed on the new computer. What now? I’d prefer to use emclient, but will use the built in mail app if absolutely necessary to get e-mail on the new computer. If I had my way, I’d install Win7 on the new computer and forget about Win 10. At my age (81), I don’t have enough years left to figure out Win10, but I couldn’t find a new computer that came with Win7 installed instead. HELP!!!