How to transfer all my contacts and calendar from outlook to eM Client?

I used Outlook for my contacts, calendar and emails.
When passed from iphone to android, outlook had trouble syncing with the phone.
i used a software to make the link but it was not satisfactory.
I switched to eMClient, it looks good so far.
I have several email accounts connected to eMClient and that works well.
I decided to transfer my calendar to a Google calendar as well as my contacts.
my problem now is that both contacts and calendar are not all in Gmail, most of them are in a local Folder. How do I transfer them from the local folder to the Gmail one?
I have tried several things and it does not work!!!


I think you should be able to import your calendar and contacts from Outlook directly into eM Client using File --> Import.

Hi, you can use File Import… or you can set same account in eM Client which you are using in outlook and it will synchronize your events and tasks directly from the server.