How to test 30 day trial of Pro Version?

I want to try the 30 day trial of the Pro version but cannot see how. The filename of the “free” and “Pro” versions seems the same.

Specifically I want to test the bulk mail facility, as it’s missing from the Free version.

How can I test this out?

You file is the same download, it’s just the licence that’s different. After 30 days you keep full functionality of the pro version if you purchase it.

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To send Mass Mail see this eM Client support link -


Also see Distribution Lists

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Thank you for the reply. So there is no Trial Version of the Pro Version it would seem. If one wishes to test any functionality of the Pro Version one has to buy the Licence, then rely on the stated 30-day refund if one is not satisfied. A bit rich I feel. Many other software companies offer genuine, fully operational trials of their products. I consider eM Client is behind the times in this regard, no matter how good the product may be.

After installing eM Client, for the first 30 days, you can evaluate the application with all features enabled.

After 30 days, you need to activate a license.

Activating a Pro license will keep all features.
Activating a Free License will disable some features.

eM Client does exactly what a lot of other software does. You download it and you get the fully functional pro version for 30 days. After that it tells you that you need a licence to continuing to use the pro version. You can then choose to use it as a limited free version or to buy the pro licence.

This is more or less what Gary said in his reply and I don’t understand how else it could work. What do other companies do that eM Client doesn’t do in this regard?