How to take backup ?

How can I take completely backup of my quick text `s 

    I have added a lot of quick texts with pictures attacted to it.
    All the pictures I have saved in another folder, but how can I save all the text ?

    Can you guide me through that ?

If you do a backup from Menu > File > Backup, it will backup everything including your QuickTexts.

The actual file where the QuickTexts are located is C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\snippets.dat

Are you sure… ?
This file is only 5 kb in my computer… 

Must be another one ???

are you looking at snippets.dat or snippets.dat-wal ?

Both of them are very small :slight_smile:

Maby it is another in there ?

Maby it is another in there ?

I am sure. The text for QuickTexts is saved in snippets.dat. The pictures are links, so are not stored in snippets.dat but in their original locations.