How to sync only the last 6 months of email from the email server?

I want to only sync the last 6 months of email from my email server. Right now eM client tries to sync all the emails. Is there a setting to tell eM client to sync only the last 6 months? I am not deleting all the emails from the email server.

Sorry Jim, there is no such setting.

One way to do this is to move the older emails to a separate folder on your server, and then exclude that folder from appearing in IMAP. This can be done with GMail but I am not sure about other email providers.

Hi, I’m also interested in this. In my Office 365 account, I have 15-20GB of email from last 6 years stored in folders. My inbox alone is pretty large. 
I dont need to sync all of this, can you please add an option to sync conly the last X months (with attachments) for example? Outlook has it for the cached exchange mode.

Otherwise it means em Client will download those gigabytes of unnecessary emails locally.    

I don’t understand that this feature is being ignored by the developers. It shouldn’t be hard to make?