How to suppress new mail notification symbol for spam?

I’ve some rules for moving some spam mails to the Trash or Junk E-mail folder. This works so far.
But unfortunately, if they have been moved, the new mail notification symbol appears in my taskbar.
I don’t want to get notified for such moved spam mails, only for legal mails in my inbox.
How can I achieve this and suppress notifications for Trash or Junk?
P.S.: deleting such mails via rule instead of moving them isn’t a solution, since then I’d risk deleting some “good” mails which accidently were moved.
Thanks in advance!

If you go to Menu > Rules and edit your Rule.

Add the following option:

It’s on the same page as Move to folder, just scroll down to the end.


Wow! Didn’t know about this feature. Thank you Gary!
For those who don’t find this “skip notification” entry: it is on the next Tab, on the “Selection conditions for the rule”-Tab you first have to click Next to get to the “Select actions for the rule”. If you always click “Finish” on the …conditions…-Tab (like I did), you will miss this Tab.

Yeah, for the longest time I always just clicked Finish, and missed all the goodies.

There is still a question on this forum from me suggesting eM Client introduce some way to rename a Rule. But if you just click on Next > Next > etc., you eventually get to it. :blush: