How to stop "Link Address Does Not Correspond pop up windows?

Some links that I click on in messages give me a pop up window with the following.

(Link Address Does Not Correspond)

“You are trying to navigate to an address which doesn’t correspond to the address shown in the mail. Navigation to that address may pose a potential security risk. Are you sure you want to do that?”

Is there anyway to stop this annoying pop up window from always showing on these kind of links in messages? I get this pop up window even on some links that I know for a fact are safe!


Hi Superman,

Actually, you should only get this message if the real URL link is different from the text for this link shown in the e-mail.

So the URL link can be absolutely fine (as you write), and you can still get this warning.

It’s better to leave this warning on I think, because showing link address ‘X’ in an e-mail, while the real link address is ‘Y’, is a well-known way to let people go to ‘fake/bad’ websites in phishing e-mails.

Hi, I’m sorry for my belated reply, unfortunately it is currently not possible to turn off this option, however we believe this should be improved and our developers will add the option to confirmations for future releases.
Thank you for pointing this out to us, hope you can manage to use the current setup in the meantime.

Best regards,

You should add this option to toggle as when one gets a mail list mail from Google Groups (perfectly safe) one gets this message. Very annoying.
Also, hovering over the text link, they appear identical so I’m not sure your explanation is completely correct.

Where can I find this option in eM Client 7 Beta?