How to stop eM from Sync'ing certain IMAP Folders

I’m unable to locate where I can go in eM Client to stop certain IMAP folders from sync’ing. I don’t want folders like “All Mail” and “Junk-Email” sync’ing in my Google account.

Also; I’d like to know if it’s possible to remove certain folders/items from displaying in the mailbox list. For example: I’d like to remove “Drafts/Junk” folders from appearing unless they have something in there or I re-enable them in a preference of the mail account.

EM Client at the moment don’t support IMAP folder subscription. However, if you are using Gmail, you can choose which folder are visible to IMAP by Gmail’s Mail Settings -> Labels.

You cannot choose a specified folders to hide in eM Client.

Thanks for the reply TNCS - I’ve been trying to find a client that works with GMail well and allows me to add over 6+ other IMAP clients. I run a small business that has *a lot* of various email address that I like to keep checking on.

So far eM has does an excellent job for me and when these improvements go in this will probably be the most powerful email client for us.

Glad it working out for you. Just a reminder, the free license only allows up to 2 account to be setup. You need to buy a Pro license in order to lift this limitation.

Excellent - I’ll certainly take a look into that once more IMAP features are available; hiding/unsync’ing folders.

Any update please?

It is planned for one of the next updates but I cannot provide you any exact time frame.

Yes, I’m also look forward to the baseline IMAP feature of managing IMAP folder subscriptions on the client-side.


This is already being implemented into next major (6th) version of eM Client, it should be released in next few weeks.


Still not available?


IMAP folder subscription is planned for 6th version.