how to stop all folders syncing

I have been testing this application for a week and find that to send a message it can take up to 20 mins sat in the outbox. I am sending this from my Hotmail account.I believe the problem lies with the air sync in that it is syncing every single folder at sync time. Is there any way to sync just inbox sent and only sync other folders less frequently. By the way I don’t get this problem with WLM. Can you help either to speed up the sync or stop syncing every folder. I don’t have this problem with my gmail account which I am also testing

Hi John,
I believe the problem is that Microsoft is stopping its support for DeltaSync/AirSync for its email accounts (outlook,hotmail,live) and the only option to access your mail will soon be IMAP.
Therefore we think that setting your account as IMAP might help your issue with slow send. You can set up your account anew as IMAP through Tools>Accounts>New account>Mail>other.
IMAP with Microsoft account won’t sync Calendars and contacts at the moment though. We are working on a better solution, but if AirSync is acting up for you, it might be the best option for now.
Or maybe your synchronization time is set up to be too short?


Hi Olivier

IMAP with Hotmail has issues with attachments being changed to size zero in the following cases:

Opening an email in the Sent box - the attachment is zero size and either opens blank or incurs divide by zero error

Sending an attachment from one Hotmail account to another (both accounts being in EM Client) the received attachment is zero size.

(I have raised a ticket in about this)